#Book Review Wunderland by Scarlett Se Leva #goodreads #steamy #giveaway #hot

The most flattering thing to me as an author is getting a book review. That means, first something intriguing drew you to the book and secondly if you loved it it’s even better. If you don’t, then, I can take the feedback and see if it’s something that will be beneficial in the future.

Either way it’s a win, win.

It is also #75 on July’s most anticipated Romance Book Releases. You can vote on https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/154715.July_2021_Most_Anticipated_Romance_Book_Releases

I recently received this review of my upcoming romantic suspense novel, WUNDERLAND.

WUNDERLAND ebook preorder is available on all platforms http://www.books2read.com/wunderland.

In other great news, you can enter to win a free e-copy of Wunderland on Goodreads now.


Good Luck. 💋

Published by scarlettseleva

My love for books started at a young age. I can remember sitting on the veranda back in Jamaica curled up in a chair with a book in my hand always. The images that books were able to create in my mind were PRODIGIOUS...  The written word not only does something to your mind but also to your soul. ​ I am told constantly by my spouse, family, and friends that I read entirely too much. HOW CAN SOMEONE READ TOO MUCH???  ISN"T READING FUNDAMENTAL!!!! What is wrong with reading two to three books a week. ​ For all my book lovers out there.... GO FORTH AND READ........... ​ ​

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