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Twenty-one-year old Simone thinks that she’s finally gotten over her breakup with her high school flame, Ryan Mulligan. The emerald, eyed boy who has haunted her dreams since she was a teen. That is, until she sees him at her best friend’s birthday party, and their love is reignited. As they become reacquainted, Simone and Ryan’s bond grows stronger and stronger. But while Ryan is convinced they are soulmates, Simone’s heart is incapable of accepting his love. 

The past resurfaces, bringing along its dark secrets. Consumed by past hurt and longing, Simone makes the heart-wrenching decision for them to part, determined not to make the past mistake of others. Simone moves through the latter years of her life conflicted, trying to reconcile the decisions she made about Ryan. Will the darkness ever vanish? What if she could do it all over? Would she make the same decisions? How many chances do you get to rewrite your wrongs? How many shots does one get with their true love?

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