I open the cabinet, grab the bottle of scotch and poured myself a drink. I move about the room, scotch in hand. He’s going to be pissed when he finds this empty—it cost more than most people make in a year. I pour another generous amount, chugging the contents, needing to rid my mind of her image. Three glasses later, I pour some more and make my way back to the party. 

I come to a halt in the living room and shake my head, not believing what my eyes are seeing. I have had too much to drink. My mind is playing tricks on me. What the hell is she doing here? 

She hasn’t spotted me yet, and I watch her from across the room, taking my time gazing over her body. My stomach muscles knot as my eyes travel from her red high heels, up her never-ending legs, to the short leather skirt, up her flat stomach shielded by a white tank top. Crimson paints her pouty lips.

What the hell is she wearing?

I make my way over to her growing fan base of boys and invade her personal space as the raging water battles inside of me. 

She smiles, a knowing look in her eyes. 

I tug on her hand. Her heels clatter against the wood floors as I lead her to one of the bedrooms. I bring my hand behind me, securing the lock as I enter the room. Our eyes connect in a trance. I spin around, pressing her ass cheeks against the bedroom door, and capture her lips with mine, dominating them. 

A low moan escapes her lips as our tongues tangle, and I lift her hands above her head, bracing them against the door. Heat radiates from my pores. She elongates her neck as I rain kisses from the base of her ear down to her delightful jawline.

“Aaahh.” She whimpers.

“You like that?” I ask.

“Yeah, I like that.” 

I spin her around again, pressing my pelvis to her ass. She moans. My hand slowly caresses her stomach, moving up to her breast. I push up her top and bra, exposing her nipples. I twist and turn them until they bead. 

“I want more,” she rasps. 

Moving her away from the door, then slam her back against the wall, and capture her nipple into my mouth, while squeezing and pinching the other. I work, alternating between her breasts. I release her nipple with a smack and look at her as I fall to my knees. 

The short leather skirt she’s wearing makes it easy access to my goal. My thumb inches higher up her thigh. I push aside her scrap of underwear, reaching between her seam to find her hard clit. I rub my finger against her nub. She gasps; her hips buck at the slight touch. Thrilled at how responsive she is to my touch, craving to watch her fall apart, I spread her legs wider, hypnotized by the beautiful sight before me, and slowly lap at her engorged clit. 

“You taste so good. I’ve fantasized about having my way with you every night this week. What you taste like… what you feel like… tonight, I will get all my questions answered.”

Wetness from her arousal lubricates my fingers. I insert two fingers inside her, working her with my fingers and tongue. She twists and turns her hips, and I anchor her thighs as I annihilate her bundle. Her core squeezes my finger, signaling her upcoming rapture. She grabs ahold of my hair, and the harder she tugs, the harder I suck her nectar. She screams as she fills my mouth with her essence. I withdraw my fingers and stand. I lean forward, staring into her dilated pupils, watching her watch me lick her fluids from my fingers. 

I wink. “We have only just begun,” I whisper. “Take off your clothes.”

She saunters away and stands in front of the bed, slowly, sensually unzipping her skirt. In a daring striptease, she kicks her panties and skirt aside, discards her tank top and unlatches her bra. I revel as each item of clothing falls to the ground. She lies back on the bed, completely bare to me, and I explore each inch of her while removing my clothes, taking my time to memorize the swell of her breasts, her flat stomach, the curve of her hips, her beautiful mound—processing it all.

I crawl above her, taking her nipples back into my mouth. Her back arches, and I clutch her waist as I gently suck her tender flesh while twisting the lonely one. I twirl my hot tongue around her pointed buds before I travel down between her thighs, eyes locked to hers as my fingers play her clit like a piano, getting her wetter and ready for my invasion. Her panting becomes louder as I work her into a frenzy. I halt. 

“Don’t stop!” she yells. 

I smirk, rubbing my cock along her opening, coating myself. Her eyes reflect to me the need and want shining in mine. We maintain a steady eye contact as I run my knuckles down her cheek. I enter her and hold still as the feel of her warmth envelops me. 

My hands grab onto her hips as she wraps her legs around my waist, and I pound her relentlessly. The pleasure is intense to the point of it being painful. The harder I pound, she screams even more. She takes everything I give her. Her body spasms, and my fingers dig into her skin, evoking a whimper from her swollen lips. 

“Fuck me harder,” she yells. 

I happily oblige, bringing her legs over my shoulders. I dive deeper and harder, smothering her cries with kisses each time I pull out and sink back into her warm flesh. Her back arches off the bed as she comes, sending her body thrashing beneath me. 

“Oh, Ryan!” she screams. 

I squeeze her ass, thrusting into her as I tilt my head back; my body unravels as my cock jerks inside of her, and I follow her over the cliff. 

I wrap myself around her as we both fall asleep. 

I’m not sure how much time passes before I wake up with a Cheshire grin on my face and a warm mouth wrapped around my dick. I slowly open my eyes. My brows furrow. The eyes I’m looking into don’t belong to the girl I went to bed with last night. These hazel eyes aren’t Simone’s.

“Get the fuck out!” I shove her off the bed. A hard thud sound, her contacting with the floor.

“What? Are you fucking kidding me? After all that shit you said?” She stands naked, akimbo. 

I hop off the bed and pull on my cargo shorts. I gather all traces of her clothes scattered across the room and toss them in her face. 

“I was drunk. I don’t even remember the shit I said,” I lie. 

Tears streams down her raccoon face. 

“You’re an asshole,” her voice booms.

I shrug and walk over to the door, yanking it wide open. “Get. The. Fuck. Out.” I slam the door behind her naked form.

I tug at my hair. 


I mistook that stranger for Simone. I should have known it wasn’t her. I need to lay off the alcohol. 

Did I use a condom?

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